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Constant exposure to harsh weather conditions can damage even high-quality paint. Chipped-off walls look ugly and tend to affect your property’s overall aesthetics adversely.

If you plan to renovate your house this summer, why not start with exterior painting? Repainting the outer walls helps enhance the durability of the plaster.

You can hire professional exterior painters in Hobart to paint your walls to life. Summer is ideal for this project because the heat lets the paint dry quickly, ensuring impressive results.

Here are Some Concrete Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Season For Exterior Painting Projects

5 Benefits of Painting Your Exteriors This Summer

1. Repair Winter Damage

When the outside temperature combines with the indoor condensation during the winter season, the exterior paint may chip and peel off. You can quickly repair the damaged paint with the latest colours on the market.

The exterior painting contractors in Hobart can assist you with choosing a high-quality colour. The painters can inspect your property to get an idea of your exteriors and select the best shades accordingly.

2. Ideal Temperature to Dry Off Paint

The summer of Hobart is perfect for the paint to settle on the walls correctly. Breezy summers are the right time to get the exterior of your house painted. The light summer breeze and the sun’s heat enable all kinds of paint to cure timely.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The ideal temperature to start painting is between 50°F and 85°F if you choose latex paint.
  • For oil paints, the temperature between 40°F and 90°F should work fine.
  • You need to ensure that the temperature doesn’t go below 32 degrees for a couple of days at night because it may hamper the drying process.
  • Be sure to choose a day that is not characteristically windy. Light summer breeze works best on fresh paint.

3. Create an Impressive Exterior

Nowadays, people are very particular about their curb appeal. Why should you be left behind? Select the right colours for your walls to suit your property’s exteriors.

Hiring the best exterior painters in Hobart will guarantee fruitful results for your walls and help you stand out in your locality!

4. Paint Your Exteriors Before Starting with Other Projects

If you have a long list of activities planned for summer, make sure you get your exteriors painted first. This way, you can enjoy the rest of the season and be worry-free about your house! Moreover, completing the painting project in the early summer days will help avoid the risk of paint accidentally falling and ruining your outside decor.

5. Make Your House Market Ready

While installing fresh landscaping features, people often forget to tend to their outside walls. It helps to remember that faded colours and rugged walls mar the exterior landscape. One of the smartest moves to impress your buyers would be a splash of colours on your walls.

Starting your renovation with exterior painting can be a wise decision if you plan to sell your house. Doing so can help you create a favourable first impression. Be sure to invest wisely in your house repair by consulting professional painters in Hobart for promising results.

Choose the Best Exterior Painters in Hobart

Dyson Painters is your ideal choice if you wish to hand over your exterior painting project to trustworthy hands. We occupy the top rank for professional exterior painters in Hobart.

We offer a series of residential and commercial exterior painting services to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering spectacular results.

Over the years, we have created an unbeatable reputation for professionalism, punctuality, high-quality raw materials, and efficient artistry across Hobart.

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