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Origin and History of Dyson Painters

The Dyson Painters story goes back to 1964 when Southern Painters and Decorators were first registered by Alan Dyson and his two partners, Tom Hayes and Spike Marshal.

David Dyson (Alan’s son) started his apprenticeship in 1973 with Southern Painters and Decorators, completing it four years later. He continued working as a Tradesman Painter for Southern Painters until 1982 when he decided to take a break and began working in partnership with his wife, Patti.

Professional House Painters – 5 Decades of Experience

They ran a successful business under the name D & P Dyson Painting Contractors until 1996, when David and his father, Alan, established a new company called Dyson Painters Pty Ltd. After Alan’s retirement, David assumed ownership.

If you’re searching for house painters in Hobart, Dyson Painters brings over five decades of house painting expertise to Southern Tasmania. Recognized as one of the top professional house painting companies in the region, our business is committed to delivering exceptional service.

Professionalism and Training at Dyson Painters

Dyson Painters prides itself on recruiting the very best professional house painters. They are reliable, clean, and professional. Our apprentices are provided with the latest up-to-date training to ensure a high professional standard.

Dyson Painters takes pride in recruiting top-tier professional house painters who are reliable, clean, and dedicated. Our apprentices undergo the latest, up-to-date training to maintain a consistently high professional standard.

Dyson Painters is also a proud member of Master Painters in Australia.

Our 3 Pillars: Reliability, Efficiency, and Quality

Since the day we started, we have been passionate about transforming homes into beautiful and inviting spaces. Our team of skilled house painters in Hobart is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, from the initial consultation to the final brush stroke. We approach and complete every project with the same dedication and diligence. Reliability, efficiency, and quality—these form the foundation of Dyson Painters, making our team the best house painters in Hobart.

Constantly Growing House Painters in Hobart

Today, Dyson Painters stands as a testament to decades of painting excellence and a commitment to client satisfaction. With a strong belief in progressive thinking, we are blending our rich heritage with the latest innovations to provide unmatched service to our valued customers.

With a portfolio spanning from historical home restorations to cutting-edge commercial projects, we consistently transform the aesthetics of properties in Tasmania. As technology evolves and design trends shift, one thing remains constant: our professional house painters’ unwavering dedication to craft and community. As we embark on the journey ahead, our story is destined to be painted with even more shades of success, creativity, and lasting impressions.

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