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Your home’s exterior paint is the first visual impact that generates an appealing image of your personality and home. There are experts to design the visual personality of your home, but if you wish to take things into your own hands, try following the below-mentioned steps from us, the expert residential painters in Hobart. By following these steps, your home’s exterior paint will have a professional finish.

Prepare Your Home’s Exterior Surface

You cannot just start painting. You should plan and prepare the exteriors before beginning with the actual application of paint. Preparing your exterior can help you achieve a look that seems to be crafted by professional painters.

To prepare your exterior walls, you need to stucco-cure the walls and leave them for a minimum of 28 days. If you start the process on an uncured stucco wall, you will have a dusty and chalky finish. This happens because the paint cannot comply with an uncured wall.

A Pro Tip: If you are in a rush, try to keep hosing the stucco. It will keep the walls wet, which can cure the stucco very quickly, sometimes as quick as 10 days.

In case of repainting the exteriors, thoroughly inspect the wall and clean the existing peeling, mildew, chipping, and other such imperfections. For mildew, you can apply chlorine bleach through a garden sprayer. After removing all the imperfections, pressure clean the walls of dirt and loose old paint.

Caulking and Patching

After cleaning and preparing your home’s exterior, you should get their hands on Caulking and Patching. Just like the interior walls of your home, the exterior walls can also have cracks, which can be solved by caulking. Caulking can not only help in sealing cracks but the joints that occur due to the amalgamation of two materials. This amalgamation can be seen around door frames, window frames, fascia boards, and molding.

Sometimes, the first application of stucco can have pits and chips. You need to patch them with new stucco and give it time to cure.

Also, door frames and window frames have a rough surface. You need to make sure that their surfaces become smooth. You can achieve this smoothness by trimming through sand wood.


To get the most out of your exterior paint job, you should rely on Prime. Apply Prime to secure everything in its place. Prime creates a smooth surface on which the paint can easily stick.

While repainting your old walls that are dusty and chalky, choose a wall sealer that is chalky. In case of a new construction, a latex primer will do the job for vinyl and wood sidings.

If you find out that your stucco is still not cured, you can opt for a hot stucco primer. Once the hot stucco primer dries, you can instantly go further in the process of painting. We would still suggest to let the stucco dry on its own.

Do not forget to check the estimated time mentioned on the label of the sealer or primer to determine how long should you wait for it to dry.

Choose from the Range of Exterior Paints

Choose an exterior paint that is 100% acrylic latex. This is the best quality of paint which has components like:

  • Solvent- to spread the paint efficiently
  • Pigment- to give better color
  • Binders- to help the pigment stick to the wall

Only the Pigments and Binder remain as the paint dries, due to which they are called volume solids. Thus, a better quality of paint will have a higher level of volume solids. This helps the paint to achieve a superior finish and longevity. Commonly, paints with the label ‘super-premium’ or ‘premium’ will have more volume solids. They are expensive for the same reason.

Pick a Color

Selecting a color is the most crucial step in painting. Many people get confused and overwhelmed with the options. But no need to be anxious about the options, merely follow our system for selecting a shade and you’ll be sorted.

At Dyson Painters, we assess the locality of our client’s home. Then, we try to find colors that can complement the locality as well as the personality of the home. With personality, we mean the roof and the exterior aesthetics.

You can also try to look for inspiration online. Collecting ideas before the final selection actually helps the process. You can narrow it down to a few colors and try them on in patches.

Spraying and Backrolling

To have an even finish, try using the technique of Spraying and Backrolling. This is a two-person job. One person can spray the paint such that it spreads evenly on the surface, while the other person follows the first person with a back roller.

Note: Use plastic to cover your windows in this process. Also try to lay plastic sheets or cloth sheets on the floor, as the paint can drop. You can also apply a second coat for best results.

Final Touches

Final touches will include painting the decorative and other details such as the molding, doors, shutters, fascia, and the like. Always remember to have patience, as a professional finish can only be achieved with time. The more time you spend on completing the final touches, the more fine will it look.

Painting your home is a long process and it takes a commitment to finish the complete the entire painting project. The process requires skill and experience. Try contacting professional exterior painters.

Contact Dyson Painters, for interior as well as exterior painters. Our service makes us the most reliable residential painters in Hobart! Call us now for an expert consultation.

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