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Hiring expert painters to paint your property’s exteriors may sound like a simple and straightforward task, but it isn’t so. Your painters and you must be vigilant during the painting process to ensure no mishaps occur. It is imperative if you have children in your house.

Whether you are painting indoors or outdoors, you must follow specific measures and painting safety precautions to ensure your and your family’s/employees’ safety. Not just the people, you also must see to it that in the wake of exterior painting, your property, and expensive decor items are not harmed. You can go through the guidelines below to plan your property’s exterior painting cautiously.

1. Follow Safe Painting Practices

There are several safety procedures that painters and homeowners must follow while the painting process is on. A few of them have been listed below:

  • If you are using stripper fumes or paints with a strong, pungent smell that may be harmful to inhale, inform the homeowners beforehand. They will vacate the area before painting commences.
  • When painting exterior window panes or entrances, see that all rooms are well ventilated to let the smell disperse quickly. If needed, use exhaust fans.
  • Avoid mixing paint or any flammable chemical near an open flame or a stove.
  • Do not smoke in the area where the painting is in progress.
  • Painters must use strong supportive ladders to paint high walls or ceilings. Or, they can also use rollers with extendable handles to avoid using ladders altogether.

2. Be Mindful of Electrical Outlets

You may remind the painters to be extra careful when painting around electrical outlets. Be careful while working with switches; you can turn off the power in the room before painting begins. Also, the painters must ensure that the paint doesn’t stick to the controls and render them dysfunctional.

3. Ensure Your Exterior Decor is Not Harmed

One thing you and the painters must look out for is your outside decor. For commercial places like offices, departmental stores, malls, schools and college campuses, the first impression is created by the exterior. For commercial exterior painting projects, painters must ensure that the outside decor and the campus floor is not hampered by paint.

It looks hideous if paint spots peep from the beautiful landscaping outside. The paint stains are sometimes hard or impossible to clean and tarnish the whole look of the place. You can ask the painters to cover surfaces before painting to prevent damage to the property.

4. Check the Weather Before Starting Work

One of the primary things to keep in mind before hiring exterior commercial painters is to check your region’s weather. It is best to get your property painted during summer as it helps the paint settle well and dry up quickly.

This will ensure a smooth finish, but it will also save people’s daily commitment to the property. Summer holidays are ideal for painting your commercial property.

5. Clean Up and Dispose of Materials Properly

Did you know that you must allow the leftover latex paint to dry before you dispose of it? It is a common mistake to throw away the latex can before it is completely dry. Even though you have utilised all paint from the can, let the container dry out with its lid off.

Also, ensure that the leftover paint, metal or wallpaper craps, used brushes, and everything is cleared out. It looks ugly and disturbs the aesthetics of your commercial property if empty paint cans and used brushes litter your campus.

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