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Have you finally decided to start the exterior painting project you have been putting off? Something about the warmer weather makes us all want to start with our home improvement task, doesn’t it? Whatever it may be, this weather is perfect to start your exterior painting project.

Exterior painting is a quick way to improve your property’s appearance and valuation on the market. It is also a necessary step from a maintenance and renovation standpoint. Who wants to see cracked and chipped paint or faded walls?

Before starting with your exterior painting project, you will need to hire the perfect exterior painter. This task might seem challenging to many because of the plethora of options that are usually available.

You need to figure out which company’s exterior painting services will suit your needs, budget, and more. It seems like a dizzying proposition, doesn’t it? No need to worry because you will be able to find the perfect exterior painters with these few steps.

What Is Your Plan?

Before starting any project, a detailed plan is critical. It avoids unnecessary cost overruns that stretch the budget and allocates manpower to areas of concern to utilise their full potential. Here are all the things you need to consider while creating your plan.

a. Know Your Budget

One of the essential things to do before planning a home improvement project is a budget. It is the most predominant aspect to consider before exploring your options for painting contractors in the area.

b. Time

Time of the year can impact when you appoint your contractors. Depending on where you live, there are particular seasons when you can get an exterior painting done on your property. You need to pick a time to avoid inclement weather delaying your paint job.

c. Impact on Schedule

Most painting contractors require the homeowner or any responsible adult to be present when the exterior painting job is done. It ensures customer satisfaction and avoids any form of miscommunication during the process. This will impact your schedule, so you will need to adjust your priorities accordingly.

Research Your Ideal Painting Contractor

Now that you have a plan set, you will need to research your exterior paint contractors. No matter where you live, there might be plenty of options. But you want to focus on quality work. You also need to check the company’s legitimacy and authenticity before booking it to avoid falling for any form of scam.

The company should have a minimum license and current insurance coverage. Apart from that, it never hurts to look at the reviews and experiences online. The perfect contractor should have extensive experience and satisfied customers to handle your project.

Ask in The Community 

References are your best friend when looking for a contractor. A reputed contractor should have plenty of references from their previous customers. There is nothing better than getting assurance via word of mouth or even getting the opportunity to tour their prior work.

This also establishes that the contractors have built a good rapport and have a crystal clear line of communication. Getting a decent paint job is the bare minimum, but customer satisfaction and retention give you more faith.

When you receive the referrals, here are some questions you should consider asking

  • Would you hire them again?
  • Did the contractors finish the project within the estimated time?
  • Was their work up to your standard?
  • Were there any unnecessary cost overruns?
  • Were the contractor and any subcontractors professional and courteous?

Time To Interview The Contractors

Once you have researched and checked your references, it is time to communicate with the exterior paint contractors. These are some questions you might consider asking whenever you conduct an interview.

  •  Ask them about their license and insurance. Can they provide the contractor license number and certificate of insurance?
  • Is it the employees or subcontractors who will be working on the project?
  • What is the brand and quality of paint they will be using during the project?
  • Is the paint included in the cost?
  • How many coats are included in the project?
  • What is the estimated time you will need to finish the project?

Get Estimates For Your Project

Now that you have all the information you need, the final stop is the project’s pricing. Ensure you obtain estimates from at least three different companies in writing to get a better valuation. During this process, you will have a representative from the company visit your house to discuss which space needs to be painted.

Terms and conditions: Payment terms should be clear and easy to understand.

Although the project’s total price is a significant consideration, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor when hiring a painting contractor. Consider the company’s experience, the track record for completing jobs on time and budget, and testimonials from their previous clients.

These are some of the things that should be included in the estimate.

  • The total cost, inclusive of tax
  • The project’s scope- This includes prep work, the application process, and areas to be painted.
  • Material Specification – including the type of paint and materials to be used. 
  • Full company information
  • Timespan required.- Start and end dates
  • Terms and conditions of the company to avoid any payment issues.

Always opting for the cheapest options available may not be the solution. When hiring a contractor, you will also have to keep in mind the company’s efficiency, experience, and quality in delivering their projects.

Dyson Painters: Hobart’s Choice for Exterior Painters

The entire process might seem overwhelming with all the steps involved, but we have good news for all Hobart residents. You do not need to go through all the steps because we have found the best exterior painters suitable for all your needs.

Dyson Painters are Hobart’s choice for any painting-related task. With their experience in commercial and residential exterior painting projects such as the Taroona High School Project, the West Hobart Residential Painting Project, and multiple other works, all your requirements will be fulfilled by Dyson Painter.

Rest easy knowing that you have the most passionate and dedicated professionals working efficiently within the stipulated time to provide best-in-class service. Contact us at or 0417 580 981 to get in touch today!

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