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Have you been looking for an easy paint renovation at your property? Do you wish to try something new this time? Recently, many painters in the industry have started to shift to various upgraded versions of wall painting, such as airless paint guns.

Airless spray painting has plenty of features and helps finish the painting project faster. Spray painting is applicable on all surfaces and effortlessly paints high walls, metal surfaces, and other specified surfaces. They are low maintenance and take less time to dry and settle on the walls. You can hire a team of skilled airless painters to ensure neat results.

If you are a novice in spray painting, you may wonder how to choose the ideal spray gun or how to hire the right bunch of painters. For DIY jobs, know that the paint material is poured into a chamber connected to a high-pressure hose to the spray gun.

The paint is then sprayed on the surface under a high pressure of 530 bar for effective results. Attached to the spray gun is a nozzle (which comes in various sizes) that has a small cross-section to enable spraying.

The paint is forced through the nozzle under high pressure to form a clear and equal paint spread. For best results, you can double-coat the surface on which the spray paint is applied.

Advantages of Airless Spray Painting

Here are a few recognized benefits of spray paint that you can consider

1. Time Efficiency

The overall time taken to paint a property with the help of airless paint sprayers is less than the old painting technique of using brushes and rollers. Using hydraulic systems for painting walls has proved to be highly efficient and less time-consuming.

The even coating of the spray paint dries significantly quicker than older techniques.  If you live in a cold or humid region that is primarily cloudy, airless spray painting will be an apt choice.

2. Large Coverage Area

With spray paint, it is easier to cover large areas within a short time and efficiently. It helps painting experts paint big walls easily with the help of Airless paint sprayers. Nowadays, commercial and industrial properties hardly have enough time for elaborate painting projects.

A hustling and bustling work environment requires fast-drying paint, which can effectively cover large areas in a short period. For such purposes, spray painting is highly recommended.

3. Even the Application of Coating

Sometimes, even with skilled brush painting and hours of labor, some walls show uneven or patchy surfaces as soon as the paint settles.

For a perfect finish of even coating, you can switch to the highly preferred technique of airless paint sprayers.

4. Easily Adjustable

The airless paint sprayers come with adjustable nozzles of varying sizes to serve different purposes.  The painters adjust the nozzle or sometimes get bigger spray guns to cover a larger surface area.

Unlike brush painting, painters do not have to keep switching from one nozzle to another like they do with brushes. This helps to enhance efficiency and ensures quality results.

5. Convenient to Use

Working with paint sprayers is a lot better than working with paintbrushes and buckets. With sprayers, you do not have to worry about accidentally dropping paint on the premises or dirtying yourself. Using brushes and rollers dipped in paint is inconvenient, time-consuming, and clumsy.

At the same time, a paint sprayer is always in your control. They are highly portable and can easily reach high walls, unlike paint buckets that require a ladder and involve the risk of spillage.

6. Good Working Conditions

The working conditions are better with spray painting since the risk of ruining your clothes and property is minimal. You will only witness an insignificant amount of mist flying around.

Spray painting’s primary purpose is to provide superior-quality coating and painting. With its highly advanced techniques, sprayers complete their job with utmost accuracy.

Whom to Hire for Best Results in Airless Spray Painting?

If you want to relax and hand over your property to reliable hands for spray painting, you can trust the excellence of Dyson Painters, as our professionals are seasoned in their jobs.

You can drop us a email at or call and schedule an appointment at 0417 580 981. We would love to discuss your preferences and work to ensure your property looks the way you imagined it to be!

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