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Exterior wall painting improves the value of your home, helps to keep them well-maintained, and ensures they are weather-resistant for a long time. If you plan to renovate the walls of your property with some great colors, they deserve a professional touch to look aesthetically pleasing and withstand the wear and tear of time. While you can always consider DIY work, the perfection and finish of the project are no match to professional and trained exterior painting contractors in Hobart. No matter what kind of paint or textured walls you prefer, a team of well-trained professionals can meet all the challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Top 5 Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

1. Choose the Right Shades for Exterior Wall Painting

The last thing you would want is your commercial or residential space to look substandard later. To begin with the painting procedure, it is vital you wisely choose the painting contractor you wish to work with. They can help you select a suitable colour according to your preferences and overall appearance.

As leading professional painters in Hobart, we can help you pick the right shades for your home’s exterior walls. We will work to bring your ideas to life and enhance your property’s curb appeal.

2. Make Arrangements for Ideal Exterior Painting Services

Before hiring a contractor in Hobart for your exterior painting project, prepare yourself adequately. It is wise to consider the following:

  • Keep all delicate and essential items safely away from the walls to prevent damage and provide ample unhindered space to painters.
  • Discuss with professionals about which areas need painting.
  • Make sure the walls are clean and dry.
  • Ensure plaster wear outs are taken care of before painting commences. An even surface is a must for a smooth and flawless painting project.

3. Hire Reliable Exterior Painters in Hobart

If you do not wish to sacrifice the quality of your exterior walls and are looking for trained individuals to undertake the project, choosing reputable professionals can help. Painters who have expertise and experience in the field are less likely to make errors and deliver the desired results without hassles.

4. Schedule Your Exterior Painting Project

Another crucial thing to consider is the schedule of the painting procedure. It helps to keep in mind that the time taken for the painters to complete the project depends on the area of your walls. So think about which time would be convenient for you and schedule the work accordingly.

5. Ideal Time to Begin Your Exterior House Painting Project

For successful project completion, you must consider the weather conditions. This is because the amount of time your paint takes to dry up depends on the climate and the temperature at the given time. See to it that your timing is clear of rains, snow or humidity so that the paint does not take a lot of time to dry up.

Our Professional Painters Can Transform Your Exterior Walls!

Your exterior wall paint talks volumes about the kind of impression you are willing to create as a residential or commercial property owner. The outside of your property is the first thing visitors notice when they approach your home. To make sure your walls are all decked up and in excellent condition, hire our well-trained painters to give your exteriors the finish they deserve. In addition to providing impeccable exterior painting services, we also have expertise with:

To avail of our services, you can easily reach out to us at 0417 580 981 or drop an email at It would be our pleasure to be of service to you!

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