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Picking the perfect exterior colour for your house can be an intimidating task. According to expert exterior painters, there are numerous factors that you need to consider before making your final decision. Exterior paint plays a massive role in aesthetic appeal and first impression and is a bigger commitment than your interior paint. According to professional painters, here are some expert ways to pick the best exterior colour for your house.

Inspect The Architectural Style Of Your House

When picking the perfect paint for your exterior, most expert painters will recommend you inspect and understand your house’s architectural style. The colour palette you choose should ideally complement the style of your home.

For example, if your house is a Mediterranean-style villa, you can’t just pick any colour palette. For the architectural design to be in complete unison with the exterior paint, you should ideally opt for white as the primary colour, accompanied by shades of terracotta or iconic deep Greek blue. This also lets you stay true to the historical and architectural character of the house.

Whether you have a Victorian or ranch-style home, this tip applies to all. The architectural history provides a great guide regarding the colour palette of your house.

Focus On The Style and Hardscape Of Your House

Unless you plan to remodel your house and change the roof, garage and hardscape elements, you should factor them in when choosing your colour palette. The perfect exterior paint palette will ensure that all these elements are tied together. If this aspect is not considered, you might have an ideal colour palette that harshly contrasts some of your house’s most vital elements.

Observe The Landscape Surrounding Your House

Expert exterior painters always take the surroundings into account. When you pick a colour palette, you can either stand out or blend in, and the way you can do that is with the help of the natural landscape. It is also an incredible source of inspiration when it comes to colour.

For example, if you live with a lot of greenery, an earthy tone with greens and browns might complement your house better. The same applies if you live by the sea, shades of blue could give your home a similar feel.

You also need to consider any foliage in your house, such as shrubs and plants and how they blend in or contrast with the exterior paint.

Check The Neighbourhood

When you look around your neighbourhood, you can get inspiration for your exterior colour palette. This process can help you either blend in with the rest or stand out with your choice of colours. It would be best if you also considered neighbourhood rules as they might sometimes prohibit you from painting your house a particular colour.

The location of your house in your neighbourhood also plays an important role. For example, if your home receives a substantial amount of sunlight, it is best to opt for warmer colours.

Do Not Rely On Paint Chips

You should never pick your paint based on paint chips in the store. The colours you choose in the store will look completely different than when it is on the house. Several factors can be thanked for that, first and foremost being natural lighting. Apart from that, the material you are painting over can also impact the final product. How can you solve this issue? You test your colours before you finalise. Exterior painters suggest applying test swatches to get a glimpse of what the end product will look like on your exterior wall.

Select Multiple Paint Shades

When it comes to painting your exterior walls, there are three colours every expert painter picks

  • Field Colour
  • Accent Colour
  • Trim Colour

The field colour is for the walls and dominates the overall palette. The accent colour is for the doors, smaller areas and even shutters. The trim colour is utilised on door casings, railings, windows, and other trims.

The field and trim colours should contrast each other, although if you opt for a more modern monochromatic look, you can limit yourself to one or two shades.

A proper balance of these shades is necessary to build a cohesive exterior look. As for accent colour, you might go bold but not overboard. The accent colour should still complement the other two and not stick out like a sore thumb. Once these basics are understood, you can select the colour palette of your dream, and an expert exterior painter will actualise your vision.

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