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Room colour psychology is real! Intrigued? Here is an article that talks about the effects that different colours can have on your psyche. This is particularly important when it comes to choosing the colours for the different rooms in your home. Did you know that when the colour and the function of a room are accurately matched, it can positively impact your emotional health and productivity to an overwhelming extent? Hence, being mindful of the room colour psychology is vital. Painters in Hobart such as Dyson Painters can help you understand the importance of these synergies and give you options that fit into your budget and are extremely effective.

But for a basic understanding, here is a descriptive article on the impact of different colours and suggestions on which part of your home you should use each colour.

Can Colours Reflect My Personality?

If you want to paint your house in a colour that blends well with your personality, you can reach out to firms such as Dyson House Painters who offer paint colour consultancy. Depending on your preferences and expectations, the experts at Dyson Painting Services – the most sought-after painting company in Tasmania – will work out a viable and well-balanced colour scheme for your home which not only is attractive but is soothing and pleasantly aligned to your preferences.

Colours and Their Impact

Over time, home decor has witnessed a remarkable evolution. Today, homeowners can choose from vintage, contemporary, minimalistic and several more options for their home decor. However, the role of colour remains constant and plays a key role across decor options. Hence, it is critical that you envision the colours for your room before hiring a professional for the paint job. Here is a list of colours – ranging from warm to cooler tones – and where you should ideally use them. A good residential painter will take care of the rest.


Red is one of the most intense colours and is associated with passion, power, and anger. It is believed to elevate a room’s energy and stimulate love and strong emotions. However, it is also known to raise blood pressure, increase the heart rate and speed up respiration. Hence, it is critical that you weigh all your options before hiring painting services and having your room swathed in red.

Some shades of red such as bright reds are mentally and visually stimulating. Similarly, cinnabar and cranberry lend warmth to the room. Scarlet and crimsons are a complete no–no. However, if you still want to incorporate red into your decor, use it as an accent through cushions or wall decor.

Best Room for Using Red: Dining room, living room and entryway


If you are not keen on red but still want a strong and vibrant colour for your rooms – Orange is your best bet. Orange is an energetic and happy colour – one that infuses life and vibrancy to your room. It is a colour that represents generosity and can work wonders in your dining area.

Painting contractors in Hobart can offer you different options for your room and advise on how best you can use the colour orange in your home. The colour is very accommodating and works well with all kinds of decor materials and gives your room warmth and depth.

Best Room for Using Orange: Dining room, playroom, exercise room, living room


Green represents abundance and is one of the coolest colours and has a calming effect. It is believed to be effective in relieving stress and improving fertility. The colour green will you give the feeling of being close to nature. Green in all its shades – from mint to chartreuse can have a great soothing effect on your nerves. They also work great when mixed in contrast with different shades of green.

Best Room for Using Green: Bedroom, Living room and Kitchen


Blue is one of the colours that most house painters will recommend to you. The simple reason for this is that blue has a calming effect on your nerves, gives the space a classy look and some of its lighter shades make the room look larger. However, warmer shades of blue such as navy blue can look melancholic and lower the energy level.

Interior designers will also recommend shades of blue that will have tints of red. These shades are great for making the space engaging.

Best Room for Using Blue: Bedroom, bathroom, or home office


The colour that is closest to Mother Nature – brown – is a great choice if you want to give your home a rustic look. Pair it with decor in green or other earthy colours to add elegance and sophistication. Brown in all its different shades is great for your emotional well-being as it provides you with a sense of stability and security.

Best Room for Using Brown: Any room


The colour white is a timeless classic. However, several people shy away from getting white on their walls saying it could make the room look bland and sterile. However, when done in the right manner i.e. by professional painting contractors in Hobart, white can help you make your room larger and cleaner. White symbolizes peace, tranquillity and purity and when applied in the right manner, it can make any space look sophisticated and classy.

Best Room for Using Brown: Any room

Reach Out for the Best in Town Painting Services

Dyson Painters – top painters in Hobart offer a full range of paint colour consultancy services. Our experts take into account your personal preferences, architectural design of your property, lighting conditions and several other factors to design a custom-made colour scheme for your home. To know more about our services, you can call us at 0417 580 981 or write to us at!

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