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Did you know that even if you live in a small home, you can enhance the visual appearance of space by making it look bigger than it is? Of course, the house won’t increase in square footage, but with proper house painting, you can create an optical illusion of space.

This is the reason why you need to make intelligent decisions when you pick the colour scheme for your house painting. Choosing the wrong colours for a small room can make it appear dingy, claustrophobic and closed off.

Luckily, we have professional painters from Hobart to tell you which colour you should pick for a spacious look.

6 Colour Options That Will Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

1. Pure White

Pure white is one of the most common colours to use during house painting if you want to make your room appear bigger. It is basic knowledge that light colours and shades of white reflect light, making objects seem larger. Although it needs to be a room that gets ample natural light, it may have the opposite effect.

The light sheen of the eggshell and the subtle shine of the satin finish allow the paint to reflect light to every corner.

It is also an easy colour to incorporate into different kinds of rooms without disrupting the area’s aesthetic appeal. The best place to use this light is in any south-facing room to give an airy and bright look.

2. Soft Black

On the opposite side, if a room in your home barely receives any natural light, then opting for white is not a wise decision. If there is no natural light entering the room and bouncing off the walls. The white colour will instead create and have a different impact.

Instead, if you encounter this situation during house painting, embrace the lack of natural light and select a shade accordingly.

You should opt for dark hues for your walls, such as soft black, charcoal, ebony, and more, as they provide a more intimate yet regal aesthetic. This feeling is enhanced if the house painting services also paint the trim and ceiling the same shade.

It provides a more cohesive look adding to the element of luxury and grandeur, which people tend to associate with larger spaces. Use this colour for your house painting, especially in your north-facing room, which receives the least amount of sunlight.

3. Light Taupe

When house painting, several people do not want to paint their walls a pure white colour but still want to remain in the light neutral colour palette. In these cases, opting for a light taupe or greige colour is the best choice one can make.

The light taupe colour makes the house appear more spacious as the colour is bright enough for light to bounce off of from wall to wall. The differentiating factor of the light taupe colour is that it adds a bit more warmth, making the room feel cosy yet elegant.

Since light taupe is such a rich tone, the room that uses this colour must have the bare minimum architectural detailing to allow the colour to shine.

4. Blush Pink

Do not be scared of pink as a colour and chalk it up to being too feminine. Blush pink as a colour is a soft hue that allows you to brighten up even the smallest of rooms and make it feel light and airy.

The blush pink colour is often considered to be neutral as it resembles a peach-like hue with the right lighting. This colour also pairs incredibly well with contemporary metals, masculine woods, leather and even velvet furniture.

Neutral tones such as sand, ivory, beige and more complement this colour quite well and add balance, brightness and spacious illusion.

When house painting, use this colour in west-facing rooms, in particular, as the hues of the sunset work well with the blush pink colour.

5. Dark Navy

If a room only receives a small amount of natural light, deep navy can help immensely by creating a sense of depth, drama and space. If you do not want to paint your walls black

If you fear it is a bit too intense but still want to recreate the warm, romantic and cosy feeling that black walls provide, then the next best thing is getting dark navy walls.

If you are opting for navy walls, keep the larger furniture in the same hue. Doing this blurs the lines and edges of the room, allowing your eyes to perceive an illusion of spaciousness.

You can also do this with cabinets and similar furniture as well. When opting for navy blue, opting for a monochromatic style and decor is the best choice. The best way to use this colour is to apply it to libraries or kitchens in your home, usually the rooms that receive less light.

6. Cool Gray

Cool grey is the best choice if you dislike pure white and do not care for warm tones. Cool grey gives a clean and fresh look without the glare and starkness of pure white paint.

Cool colour gives a bright and fresh look that beats the warm tones, making the space look bigger.

When using this colour for house painting, ensure that the room receives a moderate amount of light for a cosy yet expansive look. This colour works best for east or west-facing rooms which receive ample light.

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