In Right Colours For Home

It’s easy to get overcome and flustered when it comes time to choose the right colours for your home, but with the right advice from Dyson Painters Hobart, your next painting project will be a breeze!

There are a lot of considerations that need to be made when it comes time to choose the right paint colours for your home. Whether you’re thinking of selling your property or it’s just time for a good update, choosing the right colours to suit your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

If painting your entire home, yourself seems like an impossible or daunting task, then why not call the professionals at Dyson Painters Hobart to give you a free, no-obligation quote?

To make the entire job of choosing colour schemes a bit easier, break the project into manageable parts. This will help you manage the entire project without becoming overwhelmed trying to do it all at once.

Choose The Right Colours For Your Home

Start at the bottom! You need to look at your floors before you even start choosing other colours. Your floor will determine the colour scheme for the rest of the house as well as the textures, accents, and tones. If you aren’t updating the flooring, then you’ll need to incorporate it into the colour selection process.

White ceilings are the traditional and most popular colour choice, but there are no rules that say that you must have a white ceiling. Remember, if you do go with darker ceilings it can make rooms seem smaller and more enclosed. Matte paint is the best choice for any ceiling as it will help to hide any imperfections or flaws.

Bring Your Walls to Life

A great way to bring unity to the colour scheme throughout your home is to choose just one colour for the walls. If you love the idea of a feature wall, then make sure that it matches the colour scheme perfectly.

Even if the colours are at different ends of the house or in different rooms, you don’t want them to clash. When it comes time to do your skirting boards, stick with enamel paint as it’s hard-wearing and durable. If you have light colours on the wall, try to stick with a light colour on the skirting boards.

Our Colour Tips For Your Home

  • A lighter colour scheme will make smaller rooms and homes appear bigger.
  • If you like dark colours and want to make a bedroom seem cosy, then try adding a darker colour to the wall behind the bedhead. Use a lighter shade of the same colour on the other walls.
  • If you like greens and want to add a splash of colour, then choose a green that matches the garden outside your house.
  • Blackboard paint in a child’s room is a great way to let your children explore their creative side without destroying your home!
  • Don’t be afraid to go with your gut! If you think a bright red feature wall will pull your colour scheme together, then go for it! The worst thing that will happen is that you’ll have to paint it again next weekend.

If you would like any help painting your property before listing it for sale, then speak to the professionals at Dyson Painters Hobart.

We have the experience and expertise to help you put your property’s best foot forward and will be more than happy to provide you with a 100% free quote on painting your home.

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