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Whenever you paint your walls, you want them to have a smooth and flawless finish to ensure that the overall look is immaculate. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to achieve that look when you use a brush or roller as your tool of choice.

The only way you can attain the glass-smooth look you desire is with the help of airless spray painting. Today, let us take the opportunity to learn all you need to know about airless spray painting and its entire process.

What is Airless Spray Painting?

Airless spray painting is an advanced painting technique that streamlines and simplifies the painting process as a whole. The airless sprayer pumps paint at approximately 3000 psi with the help of a specialized hose and a small tip nozzle.

The pressure from the nozzle allows the paint to create a fan-like pattern on any surface, giving it a flawless finish devoid of any stroke marks.

How Does The System Of Airless Spray Painting Work?

The consistency and surface tension is responsible for keeping the liquids together. The atomization process disperses and scatters the paint to create a mist instead of fluid.

In the mechanism of airless spray painting, the paint is introduced to high levels of pressure that produce energy robust enough to achieve atomization.

There is a small hole at the spray gun’s tip through which the paint is expelled as a continuous stream at an extremely high force. The paint, however, when in contact with the air, splits into spray form consisting of minute droplets.

Why Should You Use The Method Of Airless Spray Painting?

  • Airless spray painting is convenient for painting contractors, even if you decide to do the project yourself. You do not have to lug around heavy equipment everywhere; instead, significantly smaller machines do the work better and quicker.
  • Airless spray painting is versatile when it comes to application. You can use this system for both interior and exterior projects. The airless spray also works great with a plethora of different materials.
  • You can enjoy enhanced project speed with airless spray painting. The paint application process is much quicker and more efficient. You can also save 75% of your entire labor time.
  • Reduces drying time and reliance on good weather to plan and execute projects, especially exterior ones.
  • You can forget about uneven, patchy, and streaky painting. Due to the airless spray painting technology, your project will be devoid of any ridges or bumps.
  • You can have a flawless finish even on the most uneven objects and surfaces.

What Are The Dos And Donts Of Airless Spray Painting?

  • DO ensure if you are working inside, the area is well-ventilated.
  • DO read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the airless sprayer.
  • Do cover all surfaces that aren’t going to be painted with a tarp or something similar to protect them from the paint. Cover nearby items due to the paint fog if you are painting exteriors.
  • DO ensure that you or your painting contractors wear proper PPE, safety glasses, respirator, overalls, gloves, and more, as there will be a fine mist of paint around.
  • DO lubricate the pump with the appropriate oil before using the airless spray machine.
  • DO NOT cover or obstetric the pump with anything because air circulation is critical.
  • DO NOT tilt the airless spraying gun in various directions, as this can create uneven or patchy layers of paint.
  • DO NOT keep the trigger unlocked if you are not spraying.
  • DO NOT overspray by using the machine at the lowest setting possible for atomization.
  • DO NOT skip regular maintenance and cleaning of the airless spray painting machine to ensure problems like clogging do not arise—clean dried paint, filters, and spray tips for better operation.

Where To Find The Best Airless Spray Painting Contractor?

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