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We all love children, but one thing we all agree with is the fact that they are the messiest people in the entire world.

They tend to embody the concept that the world is your canvas and, with their tiny hands begin finger painting all over your walls and furniture.

With their messy tendencies, like flinging food, smearing directly and rubbing mysterious things all over, you must protect your house.

We all know kids will be kids, and it is impractical to keep stern supervision and prohibit them from damaging your walls.

Thankfully, professional painting experts have shared their wisdom on ensuring that your house still looks presentable even with children living and playing in it.

1. Your Saviors Will Be Washable Paint

Professional painting experts from all over the country agree that washable paint is one the best things you will purchase if you have small children.

Generally, to keep walls squeaky clean and perfect, people tend to pick superior low-VOC paint along with a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Paint with a high sheen or resin content allows scrubbing and thorough cleaning. However, one downside is that the colours tend to be intense, moody, and not kid-friendly.

Luckily, Interior painting experts have a better alternative in mind that is perfect for every setting. Most homeowners tend to skip high sheen and gloss paints and pick matte or, more commonly, eggshell paint.

Eggshell tends to be the perfect blend of gloss and matte with resin and pigment. Due to the heightened demand for this type of paint, most manufacturers now create easy-to-clean matte and eggshell paint.

These paints also come in a wide variety of colours. However, according to our professional painting experts, you should always check the bucket to see if it mentions the term “washable.”

2. Go For Fun And Kid-Friendly Colours

We all love a pristine and clean-looking white wall, don’t we? On the right day, they look absolutely gorgeous, but they can look extremely dirty and old on a bad day.

If you have guests over, they can spot dirty little fingerprints and gross footprints all across the house.

But is it possible to clean your house every other minute and completely exhaust yourself? The answer is no. Instead, professional painting experts suggest picking colours that hide all the flaws and dirt.

For example, colours in the neutral family are perfect if you intend to hide fingerprint smudges. Colours such as grey, beige and such work great.

On the other hand, you can utilize loud and bright colours to ensure that the eye goes upward. This will lead their eyes away from the filthy smudges on the bottom.

3. Add A Fun Finish To Your Walls

Solid colours are a crowd favourite, but you might have to think otherwise if you have children.

As great as solid colours work on almost every household style, it is not great if you are trying to hide a considerable amount of random stains.

Avoid guests from finding out all the random smudges from afar by using various types of faux finishes. Options such as sponging, rag rolling and more allow you to be creative. This method will enable you to create a more vibrant space and camouflage all the flaws easily.

On top of that, if you cannot get a stain out, you can simply dab or colour over the area to make it look like the wall. This method works as you do not have to worry about repainting the whole wall or the colour not blending with the rest.

4. Give Up And Join The Chalkboard Team

If your child wants to be an artist on the walls, it will feel like a lifetime of you trying to scrub random colours and smudges. Luckily professional painting experts have an answer for this too.

Opt for chalkboard paint and join your kids on their creative journey. Allow them to express their artistic and creative side. Being less restrictive can also often curb random smearing habits.

Paint a small section of your child’s bedroom with chalkboard paint. Here they can draw to their heart’s content. Since it operates like a chalkboard, you can simply wipe it down with a wet cloth. Allowing them to work in this controlled environment allows children to learn faster and better.

But no matter how hard you try, till your child grows old, you might have to learn how to live with these smudges.

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