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People tend to believe that painting their house is a fun and easy DIY project that even the most novice painters can accomplish. Unfortunately, that is not true, Painting contractors may have made painting houses seem more effortless than ever before, but it takes years of practice, skills, correct equipment, and so much more to get the desired result.

If you attempt to do it yourself without prior knowledge, you will most likely end up with patchy, streaky, faded walls. Today, let us look at all the techniques professional painting contractors use to make your walls look picture-perfect.

1. Wait For The Perfect Weather

Being a professional painting contractor means understanding the role external factors such as weather can play. You want to avoid painting when the humidity levels are high because you will have to deal with slow-drying paint and potential drips. Dry weather is the ideal time to execute all paint works.

2. Perform A Thorough Inspection And Prep Meticulously

Before any painting work begins, skilled painting contractors inspect and prep areas that need attention. The first step of prep is to clean the walls in the wall thoroughly, as painting on greasy and dirty walls will not have a better application than you desire. You might need to wash particular spots with soap to eliminate the grease.

Paint adheres to smooth surfaces and provides a smooth coat. You must stand the wall’s surface for an even plane if you want that flawless finish.

3. High-Quality Painting Supplies Makes A Difference

If you are going to splurge anywhere, you should get proper, high-quality supplies, as the difference it makes is quite evident. With good-quality brushes and rollers, you are guaranteed immaculate coverage and less wasted paint.

You also get to seal out drips and blurs with proper painter’s tape. When you get cheap items, you risk getting flyaway bristles deposited in your paint. Also, investing in premium quality paint ensures you get vivid and long-lasting colors.

4. Cover Everything You Don’t Want To Be Painted

Covering your furniture and fixtures is crucial when painting contractors work on your walls. Instead of moving your furniture around, get a handful of plastic sheets and tape them properly to avoid any paint, sanding dust, or splatter from reaching your valuable furniture.

5. Opt For Tinted Primer

Before painting contractors start painting over walls, they ensure all the holes are filled, and the cracks are patched with joint compound. Now, if you paint directly over these patches’ surfaces, you will likely get a dull and uneven look and create a problem that painting contractors call flashing. Avoid these patchy and uneven spots by applying primer as your base coat.

A Pro tip from experienced painting contractors is that tinting your primer with the color of the finished paint conceals the patches better than the regular primer. You will also require fewer coats to give off the finished look.

6. Use Paint Extender For Bigger Projects and Lesser Nap Marks

Painting contractors use this technique to ensure that even the most intricate and exhaustive projects have a smooth and even look. This technique calls for using a paint extender to expand the drying time in a controlled manner.

It is done to level the paint out and remove the risk of lap marks in between the wet and dry layers. When painting intricate areas such as windows or covering massive expanses of walls, the paint extender allows painting contractors to take their time instead of rushing and doing a haphazard job.

7. Store You Paint Together

Keep your paint in one specific container to ensure consistency throughout the painting project. Unlike painting contracts, DIYers tend to buy a gallon of paint, which means you are at greater risk of having a color or shade difference.

It is best to estimate the amount of paint you will need and mix it all in one large container.

8. Always Work Top Down

The direction you paint determines how the finished project looks. Painting contractors always begin with a stiff bristle brush and go inwards when you paint the edges of your wall. You should ideally finish with a roller brush, painting from the ceiling and then going downwards.

Where To Find The Best Painting Contractors?

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