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People often underestimate the power of high-quality wallpaper. Wallpapers can transform the entire interior of your house. With suitable wallpaper, you can add a splash of colour and art and add overall character to the house to align with your own personality. The versatility of wallpapers makes them the perfect choice for everyone and every room, whether you want a minimalist look or a bold style.

Although there is a tricky aspect when it comes to wallpapers, preparing your rooms for wallpapers can be quite a complicated task. It all depends on the current condition and surface of the walls. Here are the steps you need to adhere to ensure you get the best wallpaper painting for your home.

Remove Old Wallpaper

The first step in the entire process is to remove any old wallpaper that you still have in your house. There are several methods by which you can remove your wallpaper. Some oft-used methods are an electric steamer, vinegar, and warm water solution or a store-bought wallpaper remover solution. We still recommend using a professional to do this process to ensure thorough removal.

Smoothen Your Walls

Before proceeding with wallpaper painting, there is a crucial step that you must take, which is smoothing your walls. Inspect your walls to check for any old nails, light switch plates, and hooks, and remove them with minimal damage. You want to avoid any craters or tiny bumps as they can become easily visible when wallpaper is applied. To achieve a smooth wall surface, you require spackles to ensure all the holes are filled. After completing this step, you will end up with a smooth surface. Smooth walls guarantee that your wallpaper painting stays attached to the surface for the longest time without worrying about lifting. Once you apply the coat, ensure that you and your wall ensure that the entire surface is even.

Clean Your Wall

Cleaning your wall is the next step in the entire procedure. This step occurs multiple times, once during this time and also before the wallpaper installation. After the smoothing and sanding procedure, your wall will be filled with dust particles. As we advance with your wallpaper, painting before cleaning your wall is not advisable, as the wallpaper will not attach properly. A standard recommendation is to use a strong cleaner designed for walls to emanate traces of grease, dirt, and other types of buildup.

Understand Your Paint And Primers

If you are planning for wallpaper painting, the existence of paint can be quite an issue, both its presence and lack thereof. If your wall is already painted, textures such as semi-gloss, matte, eggshell, and satin are ideal for wallpaper painting. Latex paint, on the other hand, does not work well with wallpaper painting. Installing wallpaper directly on drywall is also not advisable. Drywall will absorb the wallpaper paste, leaving almost nothing for the wallpaper to attach itself against. Your best option regarding wallpaper application is to apply a primer onto the walls. The primer will seal the wall, facilitating great wallpaper application and stopping the growth of fungus and mold.

Pro tip: Wallpaper primers are usually available in shades of white which works well in light-coloured wallpaper painting. If you have dark-colored wallpapers, white primers can peek out if not installed correctly. If you want to avoid that issue, ask your local hardware store to tint your primer, depending on the colour of your primer.

Where To Find The Best House Painting Company?

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