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House painting is a crucial part of house renovation and must be given full attention. Are you planning to splash some unique colours on your house walls? Or, are you planning to revamp your walls with some lively paints? Either way, house painting never fails to uplift the house’s overall appeal. Since house painting is an essential part of house decor, we suggest you contact only high-profile house painters in Hobart. Let us all admit that no matter how hard we try, we cannot attain the professional touch of painters. Therefore, DIY is off the table. You do not want to mess up your house walls and then spend more to repair the damage, do you? We bet the answer is no.

To ensure your house painting is executed smoothly with utmost perfection, there are a few thumb rules you must abide by. You must understand and follow factors that can affect the painting job. If this is your first time and you are clueless about how to proceed with house painting, we are here to help you with a step-by-step guide. Read the points below for a successful house painting project!

Top 5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a House Painting Project

1. Cross Check your House Painter’s Credentials

When you search for a reliable house painter, what is the first thing you check? You ensure that your chosen house painters in Hobart have all the necessary permits and licenses as the state demands. It would be best if you also enquired about the painting contractor’s insurance. If any painter gets hurt or your property is damaged somehow, you will want to ensure your contractor’s insurance covers such mishaps.

2. Understand What is Expected of you as a Homeowner

It is not solely the duty of the painters to ensure your house painting goes smoothly. As a homeowner, you are equally responsible for your house painting project. Your responsibilities will include being present when the crucial parts of the painting are in progress. Even though you have briefed the painters towards the beginning, they may still have doubts and questions to clarify. Or, if you cannot be physically present, try and be available over call. It is best to somehow stay in touch with the painters to ensure no space for error.

3. Get a Detailed Estimate from the House Painters you Hire

The first thing you must do before finalizing a painter is to ask for a detailed estimate from them. By an estimate, we mean that you must be aware of the cost of labour, paint materials, and the time period before the work begins. Mentioning everything in great detail helps prevent any kind of miscommunication in the future. Any painting project works best if both the client and the painting contractor are on the same page.

Cross-check with the painter if they charge extra for travel time etc. Ask whether their estimate also offers pressure washing and cleaning etc. Ask or clarify every doubt before the painting project starts.

4. Plan your Payment

With a project as big as a painting project, you must not make full payments upfront to your painters. Payment for such projects is always made in installments. While your painting contractor may request some down payment percentage, ensure you only pay that amount and not the full payment. Also, ensure all terms and conditions about the price are written out in the contract you sign. You can also ask for a detailed report of the exact cost based on paint materials and labour charges.

5. Prepare your House and yourself for the Painting Process

Last and most important, you must prepare your house before the painting project commences. By preparation, we mean that you must wrap furniture, take down curtains or blinds, remove the carpet, and be ready to welcome the painters into your house. You do not want the paint to destroy your furniture or other expensive items, do you?

Where to Find Trustworthy House Painters in Hobart?

Dyson Painters is your only answer if you are searching for the best house painters in Hobart. Dyson Painters is the top priority in people’s preference list for professional house painters in Hobart. Our excellent performance in commercial and residential painting projects has earned us a name over the years. Forget faded paints, as our skilled house painters have the required knowledge and expertise to overcome any painting challenges.

We guarantee you your money is invested in the correct place as we believe in delivering quality work. Contact us today at or call us at 0417 580 981 to get in touch!

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