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If you are looking to paint your home, there is a lot you need to consider during the planning stage. You want to consider the colours and finishes for each room and find reliable house painters in Hobart to accomplish the job safely and smoothly. At the same time, you also don’t want to miss the routine preparations you need to make.

As a professional residential painting company, we have listed the steps you must take the day before the painting begins. Although this might look easy, for many, it is the most crucial stage that determines the success of your project.

Checklist to Prepare Your Home Before Painting

1. Clean Every Room

Cleaning every room before the painters arrive is a must. You don’t want dust and dirt on the ceiling and walls while the surfaces are being painted. It is less likely that the painters will focus on the cleanliness of every nook and cranny of your home. Expert painters in Hobart, such as Dyson Painters, can be an exception, though.

2. Declutter

Less crowded and more accessible space makes it easy for painters to move around freely and do their jobs without hassle. This also gives them enough room to arrange their paints, brushes, ladders, and other equipment within arm’s reach. Besides, you don’t want the paint to drip on anything important such as furniture.

3. Clear the Walls

Removing clocks, photos, and other decor on your walls is essential to get the surface ready for painting. The nail holes or marks on the wall left behind after these things are removed will be taken care of by professional house painters in Hobart. They will also ensure the wall is patched, repaired, and smoothed before a primer or paint is applied.

4. Move Furniture

This is another crucial step to protect your valuable furniture. Move your furniture away from the wall to the centre of the room. Taking it away from the place would be a better option to allow more space for the painters to move around freely.

5. Remove Rugs & Curtains

You must also remove the curtains and lift the rugs and upholstery before the work begins. This will make it easy for the painters when they have to touch up the windows and trim. For safety, you must remove everything covering your windows, doors, and flooring.

6. Vacate the Room

The best thing you can do to prepare your room before the painting begins is to vacate it entirely. It significantly helps to move every small to big object to a different place, if possible. You can also plan to paint your living room, bedroom, and kitchen at intervals to move everything from one room to another. Perhaps, you may also want to stay with a friend or family member or book a hotel for a few days. The residential painting company you hire in Hobart will also suggest making adjustments without much hassle.

7. Look for Damage

Don’t forget to look for damage to the walls. If you suspect moisture damage due to wood rot, it is essential to inform your painting contractor. In addition, it is crucial to know that painting over damaged or cracked paint will cause the new paint to peel much sooner than expected. So, remember to get the surface repaired and ready for fresh paint.

8. Mask the Surfaces

Paint can stick to anything that is not covered. So, masking every essential part of your interiors will enhance the painting process and reduce the cleaning time. Remember that even one drop of paint in the wrong place is hard to deal with without staining it. The painters in Hobart may give you masking services, and a professional job will be done with utmost precision and care.

9. Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your residential painting contractor. You can clear doubts about how you need to prepare your home before the painting starts. It is wise to sit with the contractor and plan things to create a streamlined and stress-free experience for both parties. Ensure to ask what you need to remove, clean, and store for a successful painting project.

10. Let the Experts Take Care of the Rest

You can rest assured when you choose a reliable residential painting company in Hobart, such as Dyson Painters. The professionals will take care of the preparation needed before the painting process. Here are a few steps our team will follow:

  • Site evaluation to measure the size of the project and understand the unique requirements
  • Recommendations for surface repairs
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Colour Consultancy
  • Plaster repairs
  • Removing old and damaged paint and primers from the surface
  • Applying high-grade primers and paints to get the exact results you desire
  • And more

Why Choose Dyson Painters in Hobart

With over six decades of experience, Dyson Painters is one of the most trusted residential painting contractors in Hobart. Our experienced and skilled house painting team emphasises industry-standard painting techniques combined with the latest trends and advanced tools and technologies to bring out the perfection of your living space. After the project, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and value for money.

If you are considering interior or exterior painting for your home or office, call us today. We will be happy to provide a free consultation to get started.

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