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Great Tips For Painting in Hobart over our cold and rainy winter from Dyson Painters!

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you need to put all your household duties on hold and here are our tips for painting in Hobart over winter. If you have a painting project that you have been putting on hold, winter is as good as any time to get those indoor painting jobs out of the way. We are all used to the cold and damp weather in Tasmania. We wouldn’t all live here if we didn’t love it! Painting in Hobart over winter can be an added challenge.

That cold and rainy weather in Hobart could be just the right time to tackle all those interior painting jobs you’ve been putting on hold.

Here are the Dyson Painter’s Tips for Painting in Hobart Over Winter!

1. Pay Close Attention to The Room Temperature:

The average minimum temperature that you’ll need to paint any interior room is around 10. c, but always check the directions on the paint can just in case they recommend something different. Before you start painting, place a thermometer in the room and leave it for a little while to establish the temperature. You may need to turn up the heating in your house or add an additional portable heater to warm the room up.

2. Remember to Check the Surface Temperature of Whatever You’re Painting:

The interior temperature of your room may be different from the temperature of the walls or whatever you’re painting. Plaster, wood, bricks, and tiles are all going to have different surface temperatures.

3. Allow Adequate Drying Times:

When the weather is colder or wetter, the drying times of any painting you do will be longer. The paint will dry slower and you’re going to have to allow longer times between coats. If you increase the airflow and add additional heating, you’ll be able to speed up the drying process. Portable heaters and fans are great if you can’t open any windows or doors.

4. Plan What You’re Going to Do:

Don’t start painting late at night unless you want to spend all night running heaters and fans in your home. There is a lot less daylight during winter, so try to paint in the peak times of mid-morning through to mid-afternoon. Remember, the longer you spend preparing the job, the more thorough the finished project will be.

5. Beware of Mould:

Excessive rain, cold, and dampness can cause mold to develop when you’re painting over winter. It plans to spend a little bit of time ensuring that all the surfaces in the room you’re going to paint in are dry and mold-free before you start your project.

We hope that you enjoyed these great tips for painting in Hobart over the winter! If you have any questions about painting in Hobart or would like Dyson Painters to come and give you a free quote on your next painting project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page!

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