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It is not just the concrete walls that deserve paint splattered all over them, brick walls too deserve equal amounts of attention when it comes to painting your exteriors. People often skip colouring their brick walls thinking it is of no use to fabricate bricks with good-quality paint. However, this is not true. Hiring commercial painters in Hobart to paint your brick walls would be the best way to welcome a change. We have been delivering satisfying customers as interior painting contractors in Hobart and around Tasmania for five decades now and promise to bring to you the best of our services only.

Before you hire commercial painters for this job, here are a few key points you are required to take care of:

1. Make Your Preparations

To ensure the best results, you must take care of certain parameters before the painting process begins. This includes making sure that your brick walls are all set for a splash of colours. See to it that these requirements are met before painting:

  • Dust off all the dirt that has settled on the surface of the bricks
  • Ensure all wild plants that managed to grow through the crevices of the walls have been removed
  • Scrub off dirt further using a detergent or soap water
  • Give your walls enough time to dry under the sun before the painting process begins

2. Get Primer

Applying primer all over your brick wall right before the painting procedure commences ensures that the paint is being applied to an even surface. Without the use of a primer, your walls might be at risk of showing bumpy or uneven surfaces, ruining the visuals for the onlooker. To be on the safe side, it is always best to apply the primer evenly to the length of the wall, leaving no portion (where the paint is supposed to be applied) untouched.

3. Fill the Cracks and Crevices

Another very important aspect to keep in mind before the primer is applied to the brick wall is to ensure that all cracks and crevices visible on the wall are filled with either cement or plaster. This will not only strengthen the durability of your walls, making them last longer but ensure that the primer and the paint look well-distributed post-application. Make sure to look out for these tresses and get them filled neatly for good results.

4. Choose Your Colour

Now comes the most important part of getting your brick walls the desired colours. Before you choose the shade for interior painting of your walls, make sure they align with the colour of your exterior wall paint and go well with the existing paint on the walls too.

If you are unsure about the colour and do not wish to take risks, you can always consult our professionals before you finalize the shade. Our paint colour consultancy would be more than pleased to help you out.

5. Plan Your Budget

It is very important to prepare a draft of your budget before you sign the contract with your chosen company. You can have a detailed prior discussion with us regarding the price of raw materials, labour charge and the charge per day. This way you will have clarity on how much cost you need to cover your walls.

How Long Does Painted Brick Last?

Given you are getting the work done by only known painters who have a fair share of experience in their job and are known for their good quality work, your brick wall paint should ideally last for 15-20 years, given you take care of your walls and clean of the dirt that settles on them from time to time.

You can trust the quality of our raw materials offered by us. We do not compromise on the quality of the paint we deliver to your doorstep. We assure you, that you will have no space for complaints.

Why Choose Dyson Painters?

With about 5 decades of experience in this field, we have strived hard to build an unbeatable reputation for ourselves. You can wholeheartedly trust us with our efficiency, we only have reliable professionals who deliver all projects including interior painting projects, timely, causing no inconvenience to the clients.

You can easily reach out to us at or call and schedule an appointment at 0417580981. It would be our pleasure to be of service to you!

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