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High-pressure cleaning services have become the go-to solution for the maintenance of commercial and residential properties across the globe. The simple reason for the growing popularity of pressure washing is that the exercise is efficient and effective for washing off dirt and grime from the exteriors of buildings.

Interestingly, the terms pressure washing and power washing are used interchangeably. Very few know that both actions are fundamentally different and ideal for different surfaces. If you are looking for clarity on the difference between the two, read on for all the information you need.

Are Pressure Washing and Power Washing the Same?

While both may come across as similar actions, they are fundamentally different as the water used for power washing is heated and used for specific surfaces. On the other hand, high-pressure cleaning services do not use heated water

This minute difference is the core of the cleaning action that both power and pressure washing undertake. Power washing is ideal for surfaces that can withstand intensive cleaning action using heated water.

For example, power washing is usually used for surfaces such as commercial concrete patios and walkways. Pressure washing is ideal for relatively softer surfaces such as exterior facades of buildings, stairways, sideways, and even vehicles.

How to Prepare for Pressure Washing

Before calling in the experts for either commercial high-pressure cleaning or residential high-pressure cleaning, it is critical that the space is prepared. There are several aspects that you will have to undertake to protect your property and belongings before the professionals commence the task.

Here is What You Should Do Before Pressure Washing:

  • Secure the Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are not sturdy enough to withstand the high-pressure jet stream that is used for commercial or residential high-pressure cleaning. Hence, it is critical that you check all your doors, windows, and all other openings and shut them tight before the pressure washing begins.

If there are cracks that have developed in your doors or windows, have them sealed and fixed before you schedule your call-in for high-pressure cleaning services.

  • Cover Electrical Outlets

Check for all electrical outlets, unplug devices or appliances, and seal the outlets to keep your home safe. If these outlets remain uncovered, they could create a jolt of electricity as soon as water from the pressure washer comes in contact.

Ensure that you have covered all electrical outlets to ensure the safety of your family members and the pressure washers on the job.

  • Eliminate All Fall Hazards

Clear the space around your house for professional cleaners by removing all kinds of things that could either cause someone to trip and fall or get entangled with the wires and hoses of the pressure washer. The professional who is pressure washing your house will need enough space to go around the house and maneuver his equipment.

  • Move Your Vehicle Away and Relocate Your Plants

The high pressure of the water can also damage your vehicles. To be on the safe side, park them away from the property. Similarly, remove plants from the area where your pressure washing will be undertaken. Plants can come in the way and cause somebody to trip. They can also be damaged due to the high pressure of the water so relocating them to a safe place would be the best step.

  • Remove All Your Garden Furniture and Fixtures

Garden furniture and other items including grills, garden boxes, etc. need to be safely put away before the pressure washing begins. Since these are extremely delicate and will not be able to withstand the pressure, they need to be stowed away in safe places before the pressure washing begins.

  • Keep Your Children and Pets Away

Children and pets need to be kept away during the pressure washing exercise. The high pressure can be a severe threat to both groups because of the tremendous force of the water.

Preparation for high-pressure cleaning services is extremely critical and beneficial as it will help professionals ensure that the exercise has been intensive and complete. Furthermore, the exercise is quicker when the person pressure washing your house does not have to deal with hurdles and distractions.

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