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Spring is coming, and this blog covers 10 painting tips for spring in Hobart!

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for those painting projects you have been putting off over winter. 10 painting tips for spring in Hobart will help you make those tough decisions and prepare for your upcoming painting projects.

Don’t leave your spring painting projects to the last minute. It’s time to get ready for your next painting project with the help of Dyson Painters!

It’s easy to put off those painting projects in the cooler winter months, but before you know it springs will be here. With snow covering the peaks of Mount Wellington, now is as good a time as any to start preparing.

Here Are Our Top 10 Painting Tips for Spring in Hobart!

  • It’s Time to Plan

– Before you start any new painting project, it’s important that you stop and plan. Choose the colours you’re going to use, sit them next to each other and make sure they work together. Make sure that the colours you choose work with your home’s theme and flow throughout the home. You want the colours to flow throughout the home, not look like you just threw random colours into a room.

  • Picking the Colours

– When you choose your new colours, see what they look like in the room that you’re going to paint in. Don’t sit in the loungeroom picking colours for the bedroom or study. Hold the colour samples up vertically and do it with natural lighting to represent what the lighting will be like once you paint.

  • Deciding On Paint

– There is cheap paint, and there is expensive paint. It’s important to remember that different quality paints will show in the finished product. If it’s a rental, then affordable and durable paint is a wise investment. If it’s your own home and you plan on looking at it for years, then a little extra cost is worth the extra dollars. Choose paints to suit the room.

  • Prime It

– If it’s new walls you’re painting, then spend some time and money on undercoating. You’ll save money when it comes time to apply your expensive paint, and the finished product will be so much better.

  • Consider Your Furniture

– Remember the furniture and appliances that will be in the room once you paint it. Think about cabinets, doors, trim, window frames, and furniture colours when choosing your paint colour.

  • Be Inspired

– If you’re struggling to choose a colour, then jump online and do some research, visit some open homes or display homes. Check out what new homes are being painted, watch some interior decorating shows, or just grab a heap of paint samples and start mixing and matching colours in your room.

  • Finish Is Key

– Flat, matt, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. The finish of your paint will drastically affect the look and feel of your paint. The colours will look completely different depending on the finish you choose.

  • Placement of Colours

– Not all colours will look good in all areas of your home. Dark colours may be fantastic for feature walls, but not so good for an entire room. Choose where you are going to paint and what colours and make sure that they work together.

  • Sample Your Colours

– If you are torn between a few colours and can’t narrow them down, then paint a few small areas on your walls or get some bigger samples. The last thing that you want to do is paint an entire room and then find that you hate the colours you have chosen.

  • Call In the Professionals

– If you think you might need a little more help, or time and skills are going to be a problem, then don’t hesitate to call in the professionals at Dyson Painters. They specialize in residential painting projects through to large commercial painting projects.

They have been painting in Hobart for decades and understand what it means to do a job the right way. They offer free quotes and the friendly and professional team at Dyson Painters will be more than happy to speak with you.

10 Painting Tips for Spring in Hobart!

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